Business by Strategy - Not by Chance  

Imagine what your business could look like after a whole year of digging in and doing the hard work to create a plan that will get you to your goals.  You will be guided through the entire process with relevant and accessible tools tailored to you by an expert so that you stay focused and get the results you seek.   You will have a mentor and business coach who has had proven success in her ongoing business. 

All of this for less than the cost a cup of coffee per day? 

"This is what you’ve been waiting for- an affordable mastermind to help solve your problems + tools to develop your business + inspiration to keep you going + access to an expert mentor and coach to get you there faster.  This program provides community and direction while making you accountable to working on your business in a rigorous and meaningful way.  The Refinery is a business development program you can actually afford to pay for while you grow or launch your business. Be in business by strategy- not by chance.  Let’s do this together." -Brett Dorrian

The Refinery Program Options



  • Limited to 10 people per cohort/group
  • Business Tools provided up front with information and worksheets to develop each area of your business via digital downloads
  • Mastermind Meetings 1x/month for 3 hours/meeting with Brett Dorrian and your group where everyone gets time to talk about their business ongoing
    • Meetings are attended virtually via computers or phones
    • Meetings will be recorded in case you have to miss one  
    • Meetings will be scheduled for once per month from 6-9pm CST
    • Winter Cohort January 2019-December 2019 meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Ongoing support with an invitation to a private closed Facebook group for further discussion and sharing resources
  • No cancellations and no refunds- make a commitment to yourself and your cohort for the year 
  • Just $119/month for a payment plan with a program total of $1,428 or you can do a one-time payment of $1,142 to save 20% on the program fee



Get the extra support and advice you need to accelerate the process of building or refining your business plan.  Brett Dorrian can work with you directly to help you figure out a custom plan that's right for your business and life.  The Business Tools (mentioned above) will be available for download for 1-1 coaching clients outside of the group Mastermind Meetings option for The Refinery.  Coaching can be done in person or virtually online.    

  • (1) 1-Hour Session $225
  • (3) 1-Hour Sessions (3 Months of Coaching) $575
  • (1) 4-Hour Session (Half-Day of Coaching) $750 
  • (12) 90-Minute Sessions (1 Year of Coaching) $3,600

Small Group Coaching

Need help but want to share the experience and/or cost?  Book a small group coaching session for up to four people to jump-start your plans.  Coaching can be done in person or virtually online.    

  • (1) 4-Hour Session $1,200


What will you have when you’re done?

  • A formal business plan that works for you
  • A social media and marketing calendar laid out with high value topics assigned
  • A defined and genuine voice for your brand for social media
  • Personal branding that is consistent and on-point 
  • An updated menu of services and pricing 
  • Apps and tools to help you DIY more marketing and promotion for your business
  • A process for styling and staging your own marketing shoots for promos and portfolio
  • A budget that applies to cash flow and project planning for small business
  • A sales process that actually works for your ideal client 
  • A list of professional resources, such as printing services, tax help, web design, virtual assistants, and more
  • A list of Brett Dorrian’s business book recommendations- that she’s actually read and likes 
  • A certificate of completion for The Refinery Program  

What will you learn in The Refinery program?

  • If the clients you are chasing are the right clients
  • Where to cut the fat to focus on what matters
  • How to create effective content and copy 
  • If you’re offering what you should be offering and in what way
  • If you’re spending your energy in the right places
  • When and how to spend the revenue you do make
  • If you’re priced for profit
  • How different sales techniques are required for different clients
  • Who your tribe is and how to keep them happy
  • How to move from fear to focus
  • If what you thought you wanted is really want you want more of
  • Ways to evaluate opportunities vs. distractions  
  • If you’ve got the right processes and people to achieve your goals
  • If your branding and marketing translate into getting the right clients 

How will you learn it?

  • By working independently through monthly business worksheets on each major area of business acumen to have your best plan for your business
  • By participating in monthly mastermind group meetings lead by Brett Dorrian designed to give each person time to share and time to get advice from one another as well as to get specific advice from Brett Dorrian – each person will get one month where they get more time to dig into their business with the group further
  • By having ongoing support and guidance through the private Facebook group for regular discussion
  • By having an expert guide you along the way- and one with real experience


(The 12 Topics Covered via Monthly PDF Downloads)

This is where we dig in aggressively to ask the hard questions and really work through to get clear on the best business model and practices for each of you.  What is right for each person will vary, but the foundation of every business addresses each of these topics.  You will work through these Business Tools on your own each month, but have the chance to discuss further or ask for advice in the Mastermind Meetings with Brett Dorrian and your cohort; or to do so in the closed Facebook Group anytime.  Your work will not be handed in like homework- you will get out of this what you put into it.   

  1. Business Analysis (where are you at today)
  2. Discussion of Issues and Goals (you know what isn’t working, need to know how to get to the next place)
  3. Products/Services/Pricing (what solution do you offer to what problem)
  4. Market Position (who is your competition and what’s your market like)
  5. Target Clients (who are you trying to reach with your offerings)
  6. Branding (what do they think about you)
  7. Marketing (how do you reach them)
  8. Selling (how do you book them)
  9. Processes (how will you handle the admin)
  10. Profitability (will you make money)
  11. People (who are the key players in-house or around you)
  12.  3-Year Plan (you need to always know where you’re going)

Brett Dorrian Headshot Minneapolis Business Coach

Why Choose Brett Dorrian as your business coach and mentor?

  • Brett has successfully built an award winning and published six-figure makeup, hairstyling, and photography studio business.
  • Brett is still currently in business and can share real experiences as your expert coach and mentor- as opposed to those who offer coaching but never really ran a business.
  • Brett has helped countless women launch and grow their businesses over the last eight years across several markets and industries.
  • Besides building her business for the past eight years, she also did a Master’s of Organizational Leadership program with a focus in Strategic Management for her graduate work and was the valedictorian of her undergraduate class, having studied Studio Art and Theater.  She has always been a lifelong learner, and that paired with actually building a successful brand over the years means you’ll be in good hands.
  • Brett Dorrian values helping other professional women understand where to put their resources in the right places to support the kind of business they really want.
  • #bosslady 
  • Questions?  Give Brett a shout and chat about what might be the right fit for you.  651-253-7582

is this the right program for you?

Are you tired of feeling stuck and not knowing what to do next?

The Refinery is a business development program created to help you launch or grow your small business.  It is a 12-month long program designed to tackle each of the major areas of business acumen on a monthly basis along with giving you ongoing support along the way.  At the end of the program you will have the right tools, plan, and perspective to grow your business in the right direction- and must faster than you could have hoped for. 

Do you want to make this the best year yet?

Geared towards women business owners and freelancers in creative fields, this program provides the opportunity to get clarity not just on the “what” and the “why” but most importantly the “how” for your business model.  Many freelancers and team leaders feel stuck when they don’t know how to get to where they want to be.  And that can trickle down to getting stuck in analysis paralysis when it feels like flipping a coin between what to try more of and what to try less of.   

Are you ready to thrive more than just survive?

This program is for artists, freelancers, team leaders, and small business owners who want to launch or grow their businesses.  Businesses can be big or small, made up of teams or individuals, and be at various stages of business.  Each Mastermind group is limited to 5 people and organized based on years in business in order to focus discussions the best way possible for each group.  Each participant will be given a questionnaire after enrolling in order to get the best cohort placement possible.  There are pieces you work on independently and there are group aspects to have connections and access to group coaching.

Do you want an expert mentor to get you there?

Enrollment will only be open 1x/year in January.  Once spots are filled, you can only get on the wait list for next year’s cohort groups.  The 2018 program runs February 2018-January 2019.

Make 2018 the best year yet for your business!   


What Others Have to Say 

Brett Dorrian is amazing. I was enrolled in the Refinery Program and it was a very impactful program. She provided tools and resources that were far beyond any mastermind program I have been in. It was beyond the hocus pocus get your energy right and it encompassed a financial aspect that essential to a successful business. If you are looking for a well-rounded program that really sets you up to thrive, this is for you. She allows you to develop your own unique plan based on your talents.
— Ashleigh Cummings, Demi Muse Artistry

“I first met Brett in hopes of strengthening my makeup artistry skills.  The things I've learned from her have far exceeded my expectations.  Her teaching style is very professional yet relatable and custom to you and your mindset.  She takes the time to prepare and answer any questions on the spot and even goes into further detail about things that may come up for you in the field working.  I was so impressed with her artistry lessons that I decided to take further business coaching with her.  She helped me focus on things that really need the attention like numbers and goal setting not just the artistry.  Plus I received tools to help me get started so I wasn't fumbling through the dark.  Sometimes the hardest part is that first step and she holds your hand through it.   I highly recommend Brett for anyone in the creative industry that needs help getting to that next level, because she's been there and done that!”  

-Meghan Wick, Megan Lee Artistry 


"I loved working with Brett Dorrian as I developed and launched my design studio, Tinyloud Creative Co. Having worked as a freelancer for years without any structured processes or pricing, I was ready to make the leap and take my business seriously. Brett took the time to listen to my struggles and helped me figure out where I was stuck during one-on-one mentoring sessions. She provided thoughtful feedback, much-needed business advice, and above all, heartfelt confidence and support. When you're on your own, having someone in your corner is a huge asset. It helps keep you focused on the big picture while keeping the details in check. I would definitely recommend Brett as a business coach or mentor; her knowledge about small business is evident, and you might even have fun thinking about the not-so-fun parts of your work!”

- Megan Burke, Tinyloud Creative Co.


"There are very few artists in our industry that are true business leaders.  Brett Dorrian not only embodies the skills for beauty but she also shines as a business mentor.  Her approach really resonates with new entrepreneurs as well as seasoned professionals.  Her attention to detail either on the books or in a makeup really sets her apart from anyone else in our industry.” 

- Erica Carr, Erica Carr Global


"I have enjoyed having conversations with Brett over the years regarding the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.  She always has very articulate & honest advice.  We have done a number of collaborations and she is always very thoughtful, prepared, and gracious in her planning.  She is a joy to work with!"  

-Emily Kisa, KISA Boutique


"Brett combines her education plus 8 years of entrepreneurial experience to deliver her clients a top notch coaching experience. Whether you're just starting out or looking to move beyond a solo business and build a team, Brett will not only be able to support you and provide the strategy and plan for execution, but also help you to see potential pitfalls and help you navigate around them.  Brett's passion for business and helping other women be successful is seen in her efforts to continue her personal growth and to give back to others through mentorship. She is an active woman in business in her community and I would highly recommend her as your coach."

-Michelle McGlade, Michelle McGlade 

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