Photography Credits

We love partnering with luxury wedding photographers and providing stellar hair and makeup to our shared bridal clients. You will see photographers credited on specific bridal galleries, but we have also included a list of photo credits and links below for all images used on our website. All of the non-wedding photography seen on our site was shot in-house by Brett Dorrian for our non-wedding clients (i.e. business and lifestyle clients). We would love to mention that our staff headshots are a consortium of images taken by Becca Dilley Photography, Lauren B. Photography, and Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios.

Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios
Graddy Photography
Vick Photography
La Vie Photography
Robert Evans Studios
Becca Dilley Photography
Lauren B. Photography
Poser Design
Jennifer Whalen Photography
Justin Demutiis Photography
C Wenthur Photography
Dodge Creative
JM Photography
The McCartneys Photography

Athena Pelton Photography